Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Look! Everyone's Out Of Step But Barack!

Like just about everyone, I have been greatly troubled by recent events in France. I have been to Paris and I like the place. Not love it, but like it. I learned enough tourist French so that my wife and I got along pretty well. The French seemed to be independent people, not much given to groupthink. When I saw the pictures of thousands upon thousands of people crowding the streets of Paris, I was amazed.

It appears that all of France has adopted the motto, "je suis Charlie". And they are hitting the streets to prove it. I commend them. I wish that I could be with them. This may be, and I hope it is, the first sign of the tide turning. Civilized people will only tolerate barbarism so long. As it is, we have tolerated it too long.

It was especially gratifying to see world leaders marching arm in arm at the head of the parade. From Bibi Netanyahu to Mahmoud Abbas, they formed a chain the width of the plaza. The world was in step against evil. But there was one. There is always one, it seems. One world leader that thinks that he is the one in step and all other are taking dangerous risks by not following his drumbeat.

Barack Obama, either fears Islam or loves Islam so much, that he dare not speak it's name in connection with terrorism. When you cannot name your enemy, you cannot defeat your enemy. You cannot be a leader and "lead from behind". 

The enemy identifies themselves. In every attack, they have identified themselves as Islamists. And it is obvious to even the casual observer, that they have the support and encouragement from many Imams, Ayatollahs, and many on the Arab street. 

Those Muslims that are not in the war against civilization must find a way to separate themselves. Many in their faith are mentally stuck in a love of seventh century violence to promulgate their faith.  President al-Sisi of Egypt made a brave speech recognizing the need for an Islamic reformation. Muslims would do well to listen to him.

Meanwhile, the world marches to one beat and our President marches to another. He is falling behind in the parade and may never catch up.

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