Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Is It Finally Sinking In?

Is it finally sinking in? There is a war going on. The battle lines have been drawn. We did not draw them. Others did. The war is between Islam and civilization. I did not say radical Islam. I said Islam. There is but one Islam. They are those that worship Allah, accept the Quran as their holy book, and accept Mohammad as Allah's one true prophet.

 Just as they will not separate modern Christianity from the Crusades of a millennium ago, I will not try to separate the most radical from the least. Their holy book demands the most radical of this activity. Many of their Imams, around the world support this activity. Their oil sheikhs finance this activity. Their madrassas  indoctrinate their children. In many cases their mosques are used to plan these activities.

While I am sure that some of the faithful do not agree with the intense violence, it is they who must separate themselves from it. It is not a task that the rest of the world can or should do. People are identified by those that they keep company with. 

The violence is spreading. As long as it was restrained to the hell holes of the Middle East and Africa, most of the world shrugged it off and stayed in deep denial. Those "good old days" are rapidly departing. England, France, the USA. Coming soon to your own back yard. 

It is time for the politicians in the Western World to open their eyes and see what is right before them. They can make all of the soothing sounds that they wish. Their constituents no longer believe them. Our sworn enemies laugh at them. Reality check; these are people that will not be assuaged. They are dedicated to an Islamic world of the seventh century model. A world that contains no America, no Israel, and bows to shariah law.

Eventually, we will fight back. Eventually we will win. The question is, how much damage will occur and how many lives will be lost, before our minds clear and our spines stiffen. It would make sense to fight this war now while the enemy is weakest. Each day that goes by, they gain in strength and numbers. Meanwhile we have politicians that would make Nero look like a model of eager efficiency.

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