Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On Cops and Racism

I have known a few cops in my lifetime. A couple of times I have met them when I would have preferred not. I have shot beside them. We have a couple in the family. And I have a grandson who is considering it for a career.

I think I can assure people of one thing. The only thing different about cops is that they are willing to do many things that the average person can't or won't. That makes them exceptional. Other than that, a cross section of cops is a cross section of the population.

In society, there will always be racists. There are people that hate. Whether from fear or ignorance they will always be with us. One thing that I can assure you. There are fewer today than in the past. When I was a wee small guy (many, many years ago) all sorts of bigotry were common and spoken out loud without fear or reservation. I grew up with that. I'm just glad that I didn't catch that bug.

So, as with the rest of society, there will always be a few racist cops. And by the way, contrary to the insane and inane spoutings of Al Sharpton, racism works both ways. Racist cops are the rare exception. That is especially true in New York City. That police force is as integrated as it is possible to be. And most New Yorkers have spent their live in worlds largest racial melting pot.

I also remember the old New York of "Fort Apache the Bronx". In those day the South Bronx was to be avoided for fear of your life. Crime was rampant far and wide. Once again liberal policies were destroying a great city.

Then along came Rudy Giuliani. He changed everything. Some people found his policies harsh. He did sweat the little things. He went after broken windows and graffiti. People that dressed and acted like gangsters got stopped and frisked. It had nothing to do with race. It had to do with quality of life for every citizen. And it worked.

Now the people of New York City, in their infinite wisdom, have elected a very foolish man who shines the bright light of racism where none exists. The police have become targets of scorn. The nihilist are back and that lovely "quality of life" that was so hard won will go away. Not all at once. In dribs and drabs. But go away it will. 

The police will survive. They will do what they must, and do it very carefully. The rats will come out of the woodwork and take over the street corners again. Vandals will be out in the dark of the night doing their dirty work. And Al Sharpton will dine at Gracie Mansion.

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