Friday, January 9, 2015

Thank God

Thank God we have a President that Doesn't leap to conclusions. It takes much time and thought to make world shaking decisions and he mustn't be rushed. You cannot call those insane killings in Paris terrorism any more than you can call the murders at Fort Hood terrorism. Despite the fact that Allahu Akbar was shouted by the perpetrators in both cases. Paris was mere violence and Fort Hood was work place violence. Since an Islamic phrase was shouted, and our President has assured us that Islam is a religion of peace, it absolutely can not be terrorism.

Thank God that the astute head of Homeland Security with the professional assistance of the NSA has been able to track down the true source of a threat of terrorism in the land. It is not all of the gang members and criminals flooding across our southern border. It is not the twenty-two plus Islamic jihad training camps that exist on our soil. It is not explosives smuggled into the country in a container on a freighter. It is not even the New Black Panthers who are now patrolling some streets in some cities armed to the teeth. The brilliant analysts at the DHS have decided the real threat is those older folks in the Tea Party coupled with Christian Evangelicals. I hope the FBI has infiltrated these deadly organizations.

Thank God New York City finally has a Mayor who is smart enough and strong enough to put those New York cops in their place. Now that they have changed New York City from a hell hole, back into one of the worlds great cities with the help of vile and despotic mayors, it is time to put them in their place. Put aside that they have brought down the crime rate in the poorest parts of the city. Put aside that they have taken drug dealers and thugs off the street. Put aside that they put their lives on the line every day. Put aside that almost everyone that is done violence by a cop has earned it. After all, thugs have rights too. Cops carry guns. And they are not always perfect. And sometimes they swagger a little bit. That's the thing Mr. Mayor. Let's cripple the cops and take the city back to those good old days.

Yessir, with leadership like this the ship of state is on a course and sailing at record speed. Excuse me Admiral Obama. Is that an iceberg I see dead ahead?

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  1. Uh...We ran over that iceberg several years ago.