Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Ways To Roll

I have, on a number of occasions, expressed dissatisfaction with John Boehner as Speaker of the House. I feel that he has been less than aggressive in promoting the conservative view. I'm sure he is a fine man and is doing what he believes is right. But he has one trait too common in establishment Republicans. He has been too passive.

This time, however, he has hit a home run. Bringing Benjamin Netanyahu in to speak to Congress at this point is a stroke of genius. For multiple reasons. Mr. Netanyahu will speak from the same dais that President Obama spoke from last Tuesday. The contrast will be telling. Mr. Obama, who sits in a safe and well protected catbird seat, gave an unabashedly political oratory disguised as a State of the Union speech. 

It was pretty evenly split between self praise, impossible promises, and threats to those that don't comply with his wishes. His exaggeration of his achievements and his avoidance of the reality of today's dangers was astounding. It is hard to believe that the President of the United States is convinced that "global warming" is a greater threat to Americans than global Islamic jihad.

The contrast with Mr. Netanyahu should be an eye opener for Americans. As the Prime Minister of Israel, he leads a country that faces annihilation every day. They are a tiny country surrounded by those that hate them and would wipe them off the map if they could. They have been America's one true ally in the Middle East. But the Obama administration has treated them with disdain.

The Muslim nations of the Middle East refer to America as the great Satan and Israel as the little Satan. But for some unearthly reason, Mr. Obama feels that if he ignores Israel and bows down to Iran and the Saudis he can change the world. That is naivete' in the extreme.

So America will see the difference between a "boy king" President and a serious man that carries the weight of his countries survival on his shoulders. Mr. Netanyahu must stand strong and live in a world of stark realism. 

Last Monday I posted saying why I wouldn't bother watching the State of the Union. I guess that I just gave the reasons that I will watch Mr. Netanyahu's speech.  


  1. Big diff between Bibi and Barack is that the former is grounded in reality and the latter is a dreamer.

  2. Yeah, Barack dreams and we get the nightmares.