Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Three

It seems to me that if the press had put as much effort into getting to the truth in Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or the IRS scandal, or the VA scandal, as the have in "inflategate",  we would know a great deal more than we do about important issues and the country would be better off. Today's press has the interest level and the attention span of a six year old.

Our petulant President is all bent out of shape because Bibi Netanyahu is going to address Congress at the invitation of John Boehner. Does he not understand that Congress is a co-equal branch of government and do not need Mr. Obama's permission. Remember Mr. Netanyahu is the man that our President disrespected at the White House. Mr. Obama left Mr. Netanyahu standing their as Mr. Obama walked off to go to dinner.  

That is some Obama success story in Yemen. Remind me, isn't that the place where we have been sending back terrorists from Guantanamo? The Islamists keep expanding their base and the administration keeps denying their existence. We have an existential problem here.

The effete elitists of the country still don't understand why American Sniper is so successful. Mad Howard Dean, failed Presidential wannabe, thinks it is because we are all a bunch of angry Tea Partiers. And I think he's a demented clown. So I guess we are even.

The Feds have completed their investigation of Ferguson. It appears that they will support the verdict of the Grand Jury. This will exonerate officer Wilson.  I fear that there are still many out there that will still not accept this. I just hope he stays safe.

Why does the administration keep trying to take guns away from honest citizens. Do they think that criminals and terrorists are the only ones that should have them. They are now attacking legal gun shops by cutting off their access to banking. They don't like the Constitution so they keep finding ways around it.

Ted Cruz is entering a bill that would prevent those leaving the US to fight with ISIS from coming back into the country. I am all for that.

People of Boston, pray that you don't get the Olympics. It will ruin your perfectly good city.

One more time just to remind. This relates to the new Saudi King and the negotiations with Iran. We are kaffirs, infidels, as far as both are concerned. That allows the to practice the Muslim rule of taqiyya in dealing with us. This allows them to lie and dissemble to non-believers in the furtherance of Islam. The Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, privately support terrorism even as their government is our ally. The Iranis will stall negotiations and do what they please. They will be a nuclear power. Right now, we cannot stop them without a Mid-East war.

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