Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Music Of The Spheres

I find myself writing more about religion lately. I'm not sure if it is because I am getting older or because I get tired of writing about creepy avaricious politicians with egos overly pampered. But regardless, religion has been a long slow path for me. I don't believe that I am any where near the end.

Religion is not necessarily church going and church going is not necessarily religion. Religion is a philosophy and you can be part of it where ever you are and whenever you try to come to a better understanding of life and your place in it. It is the better understanding of religion that tells one to do the things that are intrinsically good. You don't become religious by doing charitable works. You do charitable works because you believe that in aiding others, you help yourself.

You don't know God. No one knows God. When someone claims knowledge of what God expects of you or what God forbids, they are spouting their own dogma. I believe in a forgiving God that is pleased by good works. But because I believe it, does not make it fact. But in my world, those that preach hate and exclusivity are on the wrong road. It just does not make sense. A true God reaches out. A false god excludes.

God is logical. I have come to the point where I believe that science and religion look at the same evidence from opposite sides. Science and religion are not exclusive. Since the Biblical seven days of creation are not the seven days of man's week, we can look in wonder at how it all came together giving us life, all we need to sustain it, and even more to use toward our comfort. It seems that whatever man required, the means where there to create it, and more besides.  

The philosophy of Jesus is the starting point for Christians on their quest. Peace, love, and tolerance make a good personal philosophy regardless of how you come by it. Other faiths start from other points. Some far less tolerant and peaceful.

If your religion cannot accept the true faith of others, it is not a godly religion. It is a cult. 

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