Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-two

Obama can brag all he wants about jobs creation, but one third of the population is out of the work force. That means that we are losing jobs faster than they are being created. Considering that about one third of the population are children, that means half of the adults are out of the work force. Worst since the Carter years.

The gift that keeps on giving. Bubba Bill has a new sex scandal. Hey Hill, ain't that some fun. You gotta love these "good ol boys".

Record snowfall in Florida. Fourteen states colder than Mars. Please sir, may I explain to you about the threat of global warming? Mr. Obama says we must spend more money to cure it. Maybe he could put it under Obamacare. OK, I know that was snarky.

Michelle has just named a "food justice activist". Food justice! Really? Only in the "Through the Looking Glass" world of liberals would food and justice be used in the same sentence. 

A constant theme of mine is situational awareness. Considering the latest happenings in France, I feel obliged to repeat myself. If you are on the street or in a mall, put away the cell phone. Take the headset from your ears. Know what is happening around you. In back and both sides as well as in front. Listen for the sounds of trouble. Many times you will hear it before you see it. It is simple good sense, but it may save your life.

Je suis Charlie! Everyone who tries to bring their view of the world to the public should adopt that motto. We are dealing with people who are less than the sole of my shoe.

Soon the President will have the Keystone XL pipeline bill on his desk. Either he will sign it and show his support for the country or veto it and prove his disdain. Which way are you betting. 

Have you ever noticed how politicians are always touting infrastructure jobs to kick start the economy. They do this because infrastructure jobs are union jobs. What they don't seem to grasp is that infrastructure jobs take years to get off the ground. Surveys must be done. Specifications must be written. Design bids must be taken and awarded. Architects and engineers must collaborate on a design. That design must be put out for bid. The job must be awarded and contracts signed. Then the winning contractor takes bids from vendors on materials. Those contracts are awarded and the needed material must be manufactured and delivered. Finally after all this. People can get to work. Years have passed since the initial idea. Maybe getting some manufacturing jobs back from China and Mexico would do more for the beleaguered American worker.

It is Saturday night as I write this and my Patriots just won. For the rest of the evening I will not be cranky. I will be the Happy Conservative.

I hear they're thinking about putting Obama's picture on milk cartons. You know. Missing!

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