Friday, January 16, 2015

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You are walking in a tunnel cut through a mountain. You have made it half way through walking the railroad tracks. Suddenly you see a light. It is coming toward you and it is coming fast. You talked to the man that owns the train. He told you, without equivocation, that he would never send that train down those tracks again. But here it comes and you have no place to go. 

As the train comes nearer, you can see that it is the same old engine towing the same old freight cars. Even the same old caboose. You can tell it is from New Hampshire because it has White Mountain Railroad painted on it's side.  You are doomed to be crushed by a train that cannot carry the freight.

I think that pretty well describes the condition of the Republican party today. Please do not get me wrong. I admire Mitt Romney. I think he is a marvelous businessman with a wonderful family. But he has had two shots. He may be great at a lot of things but winning Presidential elections is not one of them.

He is an establishment Republican in the mold of John McCain, Bob Dole, and everybody named Bush. The proof that he should not run again is in the fact that he went right back to the "old guard" to get his campaign leadership. Take John Sununu. Nice man. Smart man. But so nineteen-seventies. 

It would be the same old campaign. Be nice. Don't be too aggressive. Always smile and never get angry. Politics is war, not tiddly-winks. If you want to win you have to show people that you are a fighter not Casper Milquetoast.

I would not be surprised if the Democrats do exactly as they did in 2008. Dump Hillary and bring in a new young face with a personality and speaking ability and spend gazillions making him look Presidential. I'm betting on one of the Castro brothers from Texas.

I endorsed John Kasich. He has the qualities that the Republicans need. There are a few others that would be able to get it done. But, above all, the country needs a conservative to bring back reality. Someone that is solid, responsible and skilled.  

Mt. Manadnock, NH

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