Tuesday, January 20, 2015

True Confession

I confess. I won't watch the State of the Union address tonight. I never intended to. Why bother? The State of the Union speech, has nothing to do with reality. Those who watch will be told what great shape the country is in. It is not. Actually, it is pretty much a mess. 

It will be explained to a bewildered audience that the tireless efforts of our President and his remarkable vision for the future have put us where we are. That, I guess, is true. The problem being, that most of us are in touch with reality and see things much differently than the President does. 

The rich continue to get richer. The middle class and poor continue to lose ground. Our military is falling to pieces and those that run it are unhappy to the point of actually speaking the truth. We have people trying to kill us and our President can't even speak their name. He seems to be more focused on vacations, golf, sports on TV, and buzzing around the world on Air Force One, bolstering his ego through grandiose speeches.

He will make promises of new and expensive programs that he knows will not get through Congress. He will do this just so he can continue to say, "look at those Republicans. Still the party of no." Even if these programs passed they would do little or nothing for jobs or the economy. It would be like giving an old outhouse a new coat of paint.

Since Mr. Obama can't run again, one would think that, if he were truly concerned about the country, he might swing back to a more centrist position. That is just not happening. So as usual, it is agenda over America and the American people.

The 2016 election is critical to the survival of the Republic. The past six years have reduced Congress to a non-entity. The fourth estate has been reduced to a flock of obedient hand maidens. And since Mr. Obama still has the bully pulpit, he will spend the next two years dumping the blame for everything on Republicans. It will not be an easy time. 

Republicans must find a strong voice and go on the attack. If they don't take the White House and we end up with another extreme liberal Emperor President, we can forget about the Constitution. We will have traded the Republic for an autocracy.

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