Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Random Thoughts - Fifty-one

If bagpipes don't fire up your blood you are near comatose. If Amazing Grace on the pipes doesn't bring a tear to your eye, you are comatose.

These yahoo politicians that have innuendos to make about police should be required to strap on a vest and walk, step for step, beside a big city cop for a week. I doubt that many would last a day. 

The Brady/Belichick combination is having another great year. I just hope they can take it all the way. That first week bye is gold. That last game turned out ugly. But I still have hope!

It is obvious that I am an old time football fan. (I rooted for the NY Giants when Y.A. Tittle was quarterback.) I have no problem with the DC team being called the Redskins. But I have a suggestion that might solve two problems. They could change their name to the Washington Puppies and only play exhibition games against division 3 college teams and real good high school teams. Problem solved.

I just read where Walmart is a corporate supporter of Al Sharpton. If this is true, then every decent person in America should boycott them. 

The New York City police department has 35,000 cops. It was reported today that only 81 cops fired their weapons in the line of duty. Think about that. And by the way, the NYPD is probably the least racist police force on the planet.

I saw a recent interview starring President Obama. He explained how the economy is healed, race relations have improved, and we are more respected on the international scene. He has als invented interstellar travel and a method to turn cheap hamburg into filet mignon. The man, the legend the.............oh, never mind.

Really? Do we really want another Bush? I would have been happy if Jeb had run instead of his brother. But he didn't. Enough with dynasties. I know now who I like in 2016. I'll be talking about it soon. But in the meantime lets replace Boehner. The party has changed and he hasn't.

Obama says he will veto bills sent from the Republican Congress. Since the Congress was elected by the people, Obama is setting aside their wishes and, once again ruling as a king.

The next two years will be very interesting. And possibly dangerous.


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