Monday, February 2, 2015


No, not the TV show. I am referring to the condition of life that surrounds us today. It seems to be everywhere and touch our lives in far too many ways. The problem is that so much of the jeopardy that touches our lives starts with politics. 

People around the globe are in danger from terrorism. But that danger is multiplied by the inability of politicians to cope. In Europe the politicians have allowed Muslims to build Islamist neighborhoods where even the police don't go. They operate under shariah law and have become breeding grounds for jihadists. As their religion is a religion of fatalism, they have no fear of the consequences of coming out of their enclaves and doing harm to anyone they choose.

In this country the administration keeps the borders open and allows the operation of, at least, twenty-two Islamist training camps within those borders. All of this, while the administration courts CAIR, negotiates with Iran, and bows to Saudi kings. Anyone that doesn't believe that these policies are going to bite us harshly, is sadly mistaken.

In Europe, Jews are in jeopardy brought about by the worst resurgence in antisemitism since Adolph Hitler ran Germany. Jews in Israel face the existential threat of being surrounded by a Muslim world that wants them wiped off of the map.

But there are other jeopardies that we face. Some are violent. Some are just destructive. If you happen to live in the inner city, you face danger from gang violence. Your kids are in danger of not getting a decent education because most inner city schools are a mess and the politicians bow to the teachers union and fight school choice.

If you are politically active in a conservative manner, you may find the source of your jeopardy is the IRS. The administration has turned them into thugs to correct or suppress political opinion. If you are middle class you are in jeopardy because the middle class has lost about ten percent of their income and many jobs hang by a thread.

The chaos increases daily. Those that wanted power abuse or misuse it. For some bizarre reason, the press tolerates it. The people raise their voice and no one listens. Evil and fear dominate the news. But there is never blame. Politicians shrug their shoulders and avert their eyes. Conditions worsen. This jeopardy is no game. 

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