Tuesday, April 21, 2015


As I write this, some of the world's finest athletes and some of the world's greatest people are running the Boston Marathon. Two years ago the people taking part in this iconic race were attacked in a cowardly and vile manner. This act was committed by two deranged young men who accepted the most fundamental form of Islam as the guiding force in their misspent lives.

Be aware. They did not act alone except in the final phase of this planned attack. There were those who call themselves men of religion who subverted these young minds with tales of exalting Allah and the joys waiting for them in Paradise. After all, should they not follow the instructions of the Prophet? If this is, in fact, a true path, why have the old men who befuddle these young minds not already walked it.

They did not work but seemed to live well. So someone out there was financing this operation. It is very likely that the financing was funded by oil. The billions of dollars that we send to the Middle East easily finds it's way back across our borders to buy the goods and services needed to do us harm. We could be energy independent, but we continue to shovel money to those that hate us and would support our destruction.

Bomb making is a skill. Putting the electronics together is, in itself, beyond the ability of someone not well trained. It takes skills and training beyond anything in the Tsarnaev brothers history. So there was also the support of a bomb maker.

This was a military operation brought about by non-military people. We were, once again, attacked. We are at war. Whether that is politically acceptable to those politicians who accept or reject such things, it is an immutable fact. I think that most people realize this and know full well who we are at war with.

But once again the athletes have come and joined with the citizens and the Boston Marathon goes on. I admit to a sense of nervousness until the last runner clears the finish line. I expect I am far from alone in those feelings. But they do come and run and celebrate one of the worlds great sporting events.

Today we are all Americans and we are all Bostonians. We celebrate the greatness of our country and the greatness of the City of Boston. The United States started here. It will not end here. It will go on forever.

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