Monday, April 27, 2015

The Importance Of Being Independent

I get e-mails from various organizations looking for me to either join up or to renew my old membership. I ignore them all. I disaffiliated myself from the Republican party years ago. I am a politically independent "Constitutional Conservative".

As much as I support the NRA, in word and deed, having been a lifetime shooter, I am no longer a dues paying payer. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I choose not to belong to any group that wants me as a member.

I accept no advertising. I write my blog free and clear of any constraints but my own conscience and, hopefully, good sense. I will attack those I find offensive. I will support those I find upright and patriotic. I am an old style American. "My country, right or wrong, but always, my country".

Those that I find most abhorrent are those that will sell out their country for personal profit or personal power. Unfortunately, we have a prime example of a couple who have exhibited this sort of behavior looking for a second stay at the White House.

This is nothing new. Back when the Clintons were enjoying their first round of "what's in it for me?" they received campaign contributions from a company that was owned by the Chinese military. A later technical exchange gave up some highly confidential information on US radar systems. 

Back in those days, there was a non-political couple who ran the White House travel office for years. They were held in high regard by everyone. Hillary had them fired so Clinton supporters could take over.

The Clinton Foundation has been hugely funded from foreign contributions by countries looking for favors when Hillary was Secretary of State. That worked well for both sides. Their excuse is that the Clinton Foundation does good works around the world. That is an excuse not justification.

The Clintons do not deserve a second shot at the pinata. We are going through difficult times now. Another Clinton White House would only make matters worse.  

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