Thursday, April 30, 2015

Redefinition For Fun And Profit

Watch any network (liberal) news show. Jobs? Forget it. ISIS? Old news. Iran nuclear deal? Not a problem. Hillary? Very old news. Nope the redefinition of those pesky code words is the important topic for America.

Words, I am told, have meaning. For most of my life, if I didn't know that meaning, I could haul out that big heavy copy of Webster's Unabridged and look it up. Those days are gone forever. Take your OED and your Webster's and relegate them to a box in a dark corner of the basement or attic. To define words today, one needs a liberal. 

You see there are so many code words and hidden meanings out there meanings can change in seconds. Since liberals define those secret meanings, one must have a liberal nearby at all times lest one lose some important nuance or misspeak in a harmful and grievous manner.

In summing up the terrible events in Baltimore, it has been made known that "thug" is actually a code word for the N word that nice people of ashen hue don't use. Apparently liberals just know that those of us with pale complexions would really love to use the N word but don't wish to sully our reputation for manners. So we have these secret white guy conservative codes that liberals have decoded, using their official Obama decoder rings, much to our chagrin.

Remember when we were told "Miss" or "Mrs." were sexist and inappropriate? We were told we must use Ms. OK. Go along, get along. Wrong! Even Ms. has become a sexist code word. Our newest instruction is to use the unpronounceable Xs. It seems that that cuts across all possible gender subsets.

Until everyone adopts and loves the liberal position on every issue and we all agree with no real need for discussion, liberals will happily set you straight (oh, crap), set you right (oh, crap again), adjust your thinking. 

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