Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Many years ago, I had a friend who lived beside a lake. He had a little boat called a Sea Snark. It was basically an over sized surf board with a small cockpit, a rudder, a centerboard and a sail. They were cheap and they were fun. They would sail in a light wind and move out smartly in a good breeze. When we visited, I would confiscate his Snark for some time on the water. I really liked that little Snark.

More recently, in fact last month, I came across another Snark. One which I immediately purchased. It is a clever device that I clamp on the headstock of my ukulele. When I pluck a string, the Snark senses the vibrations and displays the note being played on a little LCD. This allows me to tune my instrument exactly rather than rely on my somewhat defective hearing. Now, this little Snark I really love.

Then there is a third type of snark, with a small s, that is not lovable. Not even likable.  Really sort of sad and reprehensible. This snark is a living breathing person who feels they are superior and looks with disdain on others. Those that disagree with him are nothing but simple fools who deserve nothing better than his cutting remarks and self righteous put downs. 

For some reason people like this are not capable of seeing themselves as others see them. They look into that "magic mirror on the wall" and it tells them exactly what they wish to hear. That they are the "fairest of them all". We who gaze upon their overly exposed lack of humility actually see them as what they are. Arrogant, mean, and spiteful.

So when the primary occupant of the White House is a snark and announces publicly that he doesn't have a bucket list but has a list that rhymes with bucket he frameworks his snarkyness in the most objectionable manner. When his humor is tinged with acid and any rare self-deprecation is so obviously contrived, he lowers both himself and the proud office he holds.

So there you have it. Three snarks. At least two of them will do what they are claimed to do and therefore are worth having around. See, I can be snarky too.

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