Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snake Oil

Gallons more snake oil from America's snake oil salesman in chief. "Step right up ladies and gentlemen. No rush. There is plenty for all!" We have a "once in a lifetime opportunity", according to our President. Senator Feinstein assures us that the Iranians are sincere. With assurances from these two great foreign policy mavens how can there be any doubt.

To gather further assurance, we have only to think of that hardened negotiator, John Kerry, sitting at that table making sure that we never ask more than what the Iranians are willing to give. To him, time is of no essence. Mr. Kerry cagily brings them to the point of signing and they say "no, not yet. We disagree with this jot and that tittle." Not a problem for our tough and experienced negotiator. 

Iran needs a couple of days. A month perhaps? Not a problem. After all, this is a "once in a lifetime deal". I am sure that, at this point, Mr. Kerry quickly calls Mr. Obama requesting advice. Since Mr. Obama wants a legacy and Mr. Kerry wants a Nobel Prize, and Valarie Jarrett is heard in the background acting as the Greek Chorus chanting "give them time", negotiations will be stretched to "infinity and beyond".

So Mr. Obama, Americas top snake oil salesman, tells the world the he has got this under control. He knows best. He has the intellect and the calm demeanor to deal with this. Just because Israel and Saudi Arabia are right under the nuclear gun, what do they know compared to the smartest man that ever lived? Besides he has the very intellectual John Francois Kerry (he speaks french, you know) for counsel. What could be better?

So the snake oil will be poured. Those that wish to believe will swoon in rapture. The under informed will believe it a good thing because they are under informed and don't care. And those of us that try to be informed, never buy snake oil, and have some experience in the world realize that the culmination of this international insanity will be long after both principals in this shoddy morality play have retired in wealthy comfort never to be affected by their actions leaving a huge possibility that many will suffer greatly.

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