Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian Conservative

The Main Stream Press (I prefer, menial stupid press) tends to equate Christian Conservatives as being violent knuckle draggers permanently attached to their assault weapons who hate everyone not like them. They even accuse little old ladies that are part of the Tea Party movement as being part of this mythical group.

Unsurprisingly, they have it all wrong. But then, to them, facts matter less than agenda and indoctrination. First of all, there are a wide variety of Christians, from Orthodox Catholic to Roman Catholic to all the various and diverse Protestant variations. Each of those groups have their share of liberals as well as conservatives. Both religious and political. There are also those that would be considered by some to be conservative that have no concept of religion.

That last group are not conservative. They are anarchists. They have no moral code, no sense of right or wrong. They tend to be crude, cruel, and violent. Their religion and politics are pure hedonism. They are part of a different problem altogether.

I will not write about Catholicism because I have not been part of that faith. I have spent my life in Protestant churches and been active in Episcopal, Congregational, and Methodist at various times in my life. Through all of those iterations I have been and remain a political conservative.

I bill myself as a Constitutional Conservative. Since the United States united, the Constitution has been the perfect framework on which to build a great nation. We only get into trouble when we deviate from that document and take liberties. Lately the government has been intruding far too deeply into personal liberties and into States Rights.

Most Protestant churches have no overriding dogma. They practice the "priesthood of all believers". Each person creates there own relationship to God. Likewise, they all find their own interpretation of the Bible. This can range from pure fundamentalist believing that the Bible is the exact and literal word of God to a more liberal (I hate to use that term) interpretation of a Bible written by men of inspired philosophy, history, and allegory.

Although people tend to group with like minded individuals, political conservatives exist across the full gamut of Protestant thought. Boiling it down, the derogatory term, "Religious Right" is a term made up by political liberals to denigrate the opposition. It has no real world meaning. But Christians, as a group, are generally ready to "turn the other cheek". That is how they have prevailed through two thousand years.  

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