Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Democrat: The Reality Show

I really don't understand what is going on with the Democrat Party. They are turning themselves into worlds weirdest reality show. Not that they are running around a jungle naked or anything like that, thank God. But in reorganizing for the end of the Obama Reid public nightmare, they have become just over-the-top strange.

It seems that they are willingly spontaneously accept Hillary Clinton as their next candidate for President. Hillary, who has more baggage than cruise ship. Hillary, who was Secretary of State under an absolutely destructive foreign policy. Hillary as part of the dynasty that would bring Bubba back, trolling the White House corridors. Hillary, who screamed at Congress, "what, at this point, does it matter?" Hillary, the person who refused Ambassador Stevens the security he requested,leading to his death.

So, suppose they decide to reject the ongoing Clinton dynasty and turn a new corner. Crazy uncle Joe would love to come down from the attic and take a shot. Of course there is miles and miles of Joe's feature moments. Like taking a baby's pacifier away and putting it in his own mouth. That's just gross and also very weird. And the time he asked a man in a wheel chair to stand up and take a bow. Whoops. And the time he asked a blessing for a gentleman's dead mother who happened to still be alive. He's got a million of them.

Then we have the newest face in the crowd. Once farrier, once Republican, once independent, now Democrat, Lincoln Chaffee. Lincoln's father, John, was one of the best governors Rhode Island ever had. Lincoln was one of the worst. Lincoln is a man who doesn't know what he doesn't know, and doesn't seem to care. Maybe he could be paired up with Joe and make a ticket. Frightening.

We have, Elizabeth, our pretend middle class Native American non-candidate, who is actually quite rich and quite Caucasian and, I suggest hoping for a draft. She would just go around in circles because she can only turn left.

Our country is in trouble. Economically and internationally it has been mismanaged. We need a serious leader, not an ideologue. We need a person who will be respected. Not a clown suitable for family entertainment. The Democrats must have someone with brains and gravitas that could run.

Elections are a crap shoot. I want a conservative candidate to win. But since we never know until the votes are counted, I would prefer to have a contest between two qualified people.

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