Friday, April 3, 2015

Purposeful Polarization

Must I hate everyone who doesn't agree with me? Is there no more room for debate? Look like me. Act like me. Think like me. Otherwise, you are my abject enemy and it will be my mission to destroy you. You, your family, your career, and your hopes for the future.

That is what we have come to in this country. It is insane. This applies particularly to Christians. They make an easy target because they won't try to behead you if you insult their religion or their moral code. You will notice the loud mouthed heroes in the public square never go after Muslims. They get a special dispensation because the loud mouths fear them.

Christians believe in the Bible. One of the Biblical tenets is that marriage is between a man and a woman and the basic reason for sex is procreation. This belief is supported by most practicing Christians to a greater or lesser degree.

That does not mean that they wish to kill or even banish those that believe differently or behave differently. The strength and the weakness of today's Christians is that they are a peaceful and tolerant people. They may love one thing. That does not mean that they hate all that is not that one thing.

On the other hand you have the LGBT (I hope that I haven't left anyone out) activists that have long since won their war. But they are a bunch of sore winners. They want tolerance for themselves in any and all situations but are not willing to return tolerance to others.

Worse than that, they go out of their way to create situations to embarrass and harm those that are not completely subservient to their lifestyle. Yesterday, a tiny family business, in a location most of us never heard of, was all but destroyed because they live their life as Christians. This was cruel and excessive. 

In my mind, it was a would be reporter, trying to make news and get exposure.  I hope she is proud of her exploits. She is putting good people through hell for no good reason.

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