Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Eight

A record number of Americans not working. A record number of Blacks not working. Job numbers are being revised downward. Economic growth rate is zero. And, except for the very rich, peoples income decreased last year. Thanks Barack. You have given us all the hopeless change we can stand. Blaming Bush won't work any more. This is all on you.

And the fun thing is that Obama and Kerry together know about about negotiating a nuclear arms agreement as Obama does about economics. Zilch, zero, nada, nichts, rein, nothing. And the Neville Chamberlain award for political naivete' goes to................

Is there anyone that thinks things in the Middle East and Africa are going to improve in the foreseeable future? Too many hornets nests have been poked. And some of those hornets are very well armed, compliments of either the US or Russia, and they won't waste an opportunity to blow things up and kill Christians, Jews, and any Muslim from another sect.

So Robert Menendez is being indicted and Lois Lerner is skating. Forget the laws of our once and future great nation. It is all about politics and loyalty in the face of incompetence and skulduggery.

Things are looking up. We're having a hot spell. Around fifty degrees, so I'm into shorts. And the baseball season is opening today. OK, so it's not football. But it's still better than soccer. Don't tell my two youngest grandkids I said that.

Harry Reid is quitting the Senate. It can't be too soon. He is a vile despicable little liar who has done nothing but harm civility in the country and collegiality in the Senate. My final wish for him is: Harry I hope the door hits you in the butt on your way out.

I hear that Chuck Schumer is the likely replacement for Harry Reid. Isn't that kind of like jumping from the frying pan into another frying pan. Where is Tip O'Neil when you need him?

What we need in this country today is a CCLU. A Christian Civil Liberties Union to balance what is being done by the ACLU and other atheist organizations. Are there no Christian attorneys out there that could do some pro bono work on this? 

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