Thursday, April 23, 2015

Confusion Reigns Supreme

I don't know if it is stupidity, ineptness, amateurism, or just gross incompetence but is there anyone affiliated with the Obama administration that gets it right? Where to start?

Since it is the most dangerous to mankind in general, the negotiations with Iran should get the premier position. At this time, they are no longer negotiations. In true negotiations, both sides have firm positions that they will not go beyond and chips that they are willing to trade. The only firm position here is by Iran. They will give up nothing. The American position is that John Kerry will lie belly up until the Ayatollahs rub his tummy. Then Mr. Kerry will say they agree.  Mr. Obama will make a self aggrandizing speech. Iran will end up with nuclear tipped ICBMs within ten years.

But wait, in an unexpected and unprecedented show of muscle, we are sending a military flotilla off the coast of Yemen to prevent Iran from rearming the rebels. Has the Obama administration finally discovered the usefulness of the military? Well, not according to his State Department. According to their spokesperson, Marie Harf, they're just out for a little cruise and being a floating traffic cop, keeping the shipping lanes open. 

Meanwhile at the VA, the new director has dug right in and found nothing he can change. Whistle blowers are still being stomped. Incompetents are still getting bonuses. Our heroes are still dying.

While cracking down on a seriously criminal raisin farmer who just wants to sell his crop without government interference, they are fining him seven hundred thousand dollars, ICE is required to release violent criminal illegal aliens back into our cities.

The IRS hasn't enough money to give proper taxpayer support at tax time, but somehow they can find money for bonuses and new furniture. The AG's office finds crimes to prosecute most importantly when race or politics are involved. The military thinks it is right to have the men and women of ROTC parading around in red high heels. The EPA kills much needed jobs. The Secret Service and the DEA are suffering under a failure of management. 

The list goes on. It cannot go on like this much longer. Washington has never been know as an area where efficiency matters a great deal. And, Lord knows, they have never been as competent as their egos tell them they are. But we are at a new low. We need to get our country back.

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