Friday, April 17, 2015

Random Thoughts - Fifty-Nine

I wish I could understand what motivates some people. Aaron Hernandez had a chance at the perfect life. He was a talented athlete playing for a great team and making a ton of money. He should be an idol and role model for young Hispanics. Now he is just a role model for gang-bangers spending the rest of his life in a metal box. What a terrible waste.

Harry Reid has endorsed Hillary. Broken, beaten, and disgraced by his own words, he still thinks that he is relevant. He loves Hillary because she always ends their conversations with, "I love you, Harry". News flash to Harry. Hillary lies!

Speaking of Hillary, is the Democrat party really going to anoint her? I think that she may be walking into another trap, ala 2008. Suddenly a younger, more attractive candidate who speaks well and connects well with people will show up on the scene and the wall flower will miss another prom.

There are twenty some al Qaeda camps within our borders. There is an ISIS camp eight miles south of our border in Mexico. The administration is releasing illegals that have committed major crimes back into our cities to commit more crimes. What the hell ever happened to "Protect and Defend".

New management at the VA. Same old problems. Things are worse if anything. Could they just get something right. Our heroes deserve better.

I have seen some hand wringing about those Atlanta teachers who are going to jail. They stole their salary from the city and they stole an education from kids who badly need it. And they conspired to do all this. They deserve every second they get and they should not get good time.

Don't you just love the phrase, "not on my watch", when it is used by our President. Translation: "I'm kicking the can down the road,desperately trying to get a legacy. Once I'm out of here I don't give a rodents posterior what happens. That will be someone else's problem."

Is there a jail out there that can hold Boyd Crowder?

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