Thursday, April 9, 2015

Now I Understand

We are all aware that the Reverend Al Sharpton has been a guest in the White House many many times. I believe that the count is now over eighty times. I, like most of you wonder why. I doubt that he is there to lead the White House staff in prayer. I wouldn't think that a intellectual discussion on the philosophy of religion in politics with the President would be on the books. I don't think either man plays chess. So that is out.

Maybe they go down to the gym and shoot some hoop. No, Al doesn't look to be in shape to be competitive. I would suggest that he may go there to see the Obama daughters as a favorite uncle who read to them when they were much younger. But with his reading skills, they would have had to read to him.

I feel that the answer is far more basic. I suspect that Al has become the in-house rabble rouser. Mr. Obama has benefited by stirring up a racial division in this country and old Al is his "Aide de Camp". Whenever an opportunity arose for the presidential race card to be played, a college professor in Cambridge, a shooting victim in Florida, a person of color shot by a cop, Obama drops the card and Al's on a plane with his megaphone.

OK, that is a ploy. It is the means to an end. But what is the end game? We have just had a black man shot by a cop. It was video taped and it seems like a bad shooting. But all of a sudden a group shows up in South Carolina chanting "black lives count", and "no justice, no peace". 

The cop was fired and arrested. He sits in jail. Justice is being served. But still they chant. Suddenly the Reverend Al calls for a national police force. This is the second time lately I have heard that call and it scares the hell out of me. If you, like me, feel that we are losing our Constitutional freedoms at the point of "a pen and a phone", then you have to fear this. 

The DHS presently has a domestic army of over one hundred thousand. All of them armed twenty-four, seven. A national police force would be even larger. This, along with the idea that liberals would love to disarm the law abiding public is gut wrenching. I realize that all of this would be unconstitutional. But that doesn't seem to be much of an obstruction lately.

Keep your eyes and ears open folks. The country you save may be ours.

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