Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Atheist Intolerence

I am a Christian. I have my own set of beliefs that I pretty much keep to myself. I expect no one to agree with me. And I do not try to force my beliefs on others. This is America. The first amendment provides protection to our God given freedom of religion.

I almost never get offended by the beliefs of others. The exception is when those beliefs either require or permit beheadings, stonings, and treating women like cattle. When those of other faiths celebrate their religious holidays, I celebrate their right to do it in the public square, to parade their symbols through the streets, and to speak out loud their celebratory greetings so that all may share in their joy.

Even the old holidays like Halloween that have lost their old meaning and been turned into a fun time for children are fine and do no harm to the public good. I would have opening day of the baseball season as a national holiday. In some areas, opening of the deer season is a local holiday. No harm. Even if it doesn't make you happy, be happy for those that it does.

So why are atheists so intolerant. Why do they need to change freedom of religion to freedom from religion. A cross or a menorah memorializing veterans in front of a public building does them no harm. It may give those families of fallen heroes some comfort.

This country was founded with underpinnings of religion. Roger Williams left the intolerant Puritans behind in Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island for religious freedom. The Puritans disappeared into history while religious freedom survived. 

Freedom is what has made America great in the past. While we are going through a bad patch right now, freedom shall make us great once more. If any country would be great, it's leaders need only emulate our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. 

Intolerance breeds hate and jealousy. It is the base position of those that think themselves superior, while their narrowness of understanding crushes their souls. Their superiority is a concept of their own devising. A narrowly held concept that will die away as did Puritanism in it's time.

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