Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You Cannot Appease A Bully!

The degenerates of the "Islamic State", are bullies. Never doubt it. They enjoy the sight of other peoples blood. Beheadings, stonings, there is nothing too brutal for them to do. Even to women and children. 

Supposedly, one of the tenets of Islam is that conversion to the Muslim faith makes you right with Allah and safe within the flock. But their latest public butchering of an aid worker, Pete Kassig, also known as Abdul-Rahman Kassig, flies in the face of that belief. After being in the military, Mr. Kassig felt a calling to stay in Syria and help refugees. At some point he converted to Islam.

All of this meant nothing to the street butchers of ISIS. He was a white face from America. That was all they required. The fact that he was a humanitarian and a convert meant nothing to them. 

The only way to end bullying on this level is to destroy it. When it is allowed to succeed it only encourages others to take part. They will either join the group or to sneak around in the dark of night on their own as "lone wolves".

The monsters of ISIS claim that they will bring their violent jihad to the streets of America. I have no doubt that they will try. I also have no doubt that they will have some small successes. This will happen because our leaders are not strong enough to destroy them where they stand. We stand so much in fear of doing collateral damage, we have forgotten how to win a war.

As ISIS has, what they would consider, successes on the ground, some in the Muslim community become emboldened. For some reason, they see bloodshed as glorifying Allah. They admire those they see as strong and committed. So they become more confrontational and threatening because like a wild animal, they sense the weakness in their prey. 

They need to understand, the weakness is not in the American people. The weakness is in those that we have carelessly allowed to lead us. If they are foolish enough to try to bring there battle to the American streets, they will discover the truth of another of Admiral Yamamoto's quotes. "They will find a rifle behind every blade of grass."

Americans are tolerant and peaceful people. But they are not acquiescent and stupid. They understand bullies at all levels. They do not fear them. They have a point where they will no longer tolerate them. At that point they will rise up and crush them. They will do what is required and finish it forever. 

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