Friday, November 14, 2014

On Anger

I am normally a reasonably happy contented person. I enjoy a good joke or witty reparte' as much as anyone. But I am a blogger. More to the point, I am a political blogger. 

If you wish to be a political blogger, you must read the news. Lots and lots of news. If your source is CNN, you are not a blogger. You are an echo. My daily reading travels the globe. Truthfully, I don't read every article. There are not enough hours. I scan headlines and read what catches my eye. Some articles I scan. Some I dig into the details.

Lately, far too many leave me angry. The latest articles, about that arrogant fool Jonathan Gruber, made me livid. Not so much about him really. I have dealt with enough over educated thoughtless jerks in my life to be little affected by that lightweight. What I am most livid about is that the President of the United States partnered with frauds like this. He protected their sorry butts. Then openly with malice and aforethought lied often and continuously to the American people. That is pathetic and shameful.

What is even more pathetic and shameful is that the Democrats in Congress who were elected to serve their fellow citizens, their neighbors, joined in this lie. We don't need enemies abroad if these lowlifes are the power structure at home. They can ruin us without any outside intervention. Any one of them that supported this power grab should never again be allowed to serve.

But this is just the big fat cherry on the sundae. There has been a constant stream of scandals and lies from this administration that continue to produce anger in all decent Americans. Far and away, the worst is what the VA has done to veterans. That did not start with this administration. That is a scandal that belongs to every politician who has ever been in national office in the past four decades.

But Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, ISIS, these are all debacles where we were lied to. We all should have righteous anger for the foul behavior of those that we have empowered. 

The last election proved that the American people get it. We are smarter than those that think themselves elite think we are. The next election must double down on that proof. Let our anger move us forward.

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  1. Re: Last Paragraph - I'm more pessimistic. There is a huge difference between midterms and Presidential years. The difference is chiefly the Left's ability to mobilize its' parasitic base with a pandering pied piper promising hand outs from somebody else's pocket at the top of the ticket and the head of the parade. We'll have to see if 2016 advances from 2012 as well as 2014 advanced from 2010. But until then, never underestimate the Left's ability to appeal to the passions of the mob - principally envy.