Monday, November 10, 2014

Loves Labors Lost

Woe be unto the man or woman who enters into a one sided love affair. The lengths that such a misguided person will go to, know no limits. They convince themselves that if they do or say just the right thing the object of their affection will suddenly realize that they have wronged this suitor in the harshest manner and return their affection wholeheartedly.

It is bad enough when any average Joe or Jane borders on becoming a stalker. When that affliction hits the President of the United States, it is worthy of some comment. Maybe even much comment.

It seems that Barack Obama has, for some time, been trying to get the Ayatollah Khamenei to be his pen pal. He has secretly written at least four letters to the Ayatollah. I wonder if he dots his i s with little hearts. But so far, it seems, Obama's man-crush has been spurned. Oh, the pain of it all.

It seems that President Obama felt that he and the Ayatollah could be good buddies if the Ayatollah would just have his troops go in and mix it up with the fighters of the Islamic State. Or as our delusional President calls them the non-Islamic ISIL. I use the word delusional because the letter I in ISIL stands for Islamic. Which Obama insists they are not. The L stands for Levant. That is Israel and Jordan. They have not taken that territory, and probably never will. So delusional applies. 

President Obama seems to think that because Iran is Shia and ISIS is Sunni, Iran would be willing to fight a war that Obama allowed. Why would they? Obama can't offer to back off on Iran's nuclear program. He's been ignoring that since he took office. He can't offer to take a hard stand against Israel. He's already played that card. He's a lame duck with no arrows left in his quiver. (Yes, I know it's a mixed metaphor.)

So friend Barack, your bromance is ill fated. Don't be a stalker. Move on. You have blown it in the Middle East. I'll bet you still have China's number in your little black book. Give them a call. Otherwise it's loves labors lost for you.

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