Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trump - Kasich 2016

I really don't expect this to be the Republican slate in 2016. I threw that out there to make a few points about our next Presidential election. 

Both of these men are smart and mature. Both have a long record of accomplishment. Both men love America and respect the Constitution. They also have carried the burden of management and done it well. 

Donald Trump, putting aside that he is a little flamboyant, is a solid business man who has gained success through excellence. Nothing in his business empire is shoddy or second class. He has a record of great success, while knowing when to cut his losses. He has shown the resiliency to bounce back from reverses.

Since Mr. Trump's business is worldwide, he is well known to foreign leaders. He has personally negotiated with them. They respect his tough, businesslike, take no prisoners style. He is a man who does not bow and grovel. As Yoda would say, "a good President he would make".

John Kasich is an experienced politician with business acumen gained in the financial industry. Having worked his way through the system, he currently sits as the Governor of Ohio, a job he won in 2010. While being a conservative, he has a record of being able to negotiate with the opposition. He has a reputation for honesty both in word and deed. He is self effacing and talks to people, not at people. In other words, he has a Presidential demeanor.

Actually, I am not trying to sell either or both of these men for high office. The point I wish to make is that people of this caliber are who we need in the White House. We need people who speak when they have something to say not just to revel in the sound of their own voice. People who understand trade and economics.  People who love the United States more than a world image that will never be. People who want the United States to be free, independent, and successful. We need the people that have the will to return to American greatness.

I want to thank my readers. My little blog just went over 50,000 hits from 97 countries.  I also want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, please travel safely. Cranky will be back Monday morning.

Galilee, Rhode Island

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