Monday, November 17, 2014

Bleep America

When I came up with the title of this blog, I had a multiplicity of ideas. All of them rude. I do not like rudeness on my blog so I settled on "bleep". The reader is invited to select his or her choice of rude words to substitute.

But I fear that my title exemplifies the attitude Barack Obama and the Democrat party have about our beloved country. The election was almost a week past and everyone recognizes what happened in that election. Except Barack Obama and the Democrat party. 

In a fit of utter delusion, President Obama claims to not only understand the intent of the one third of the population that voted, be he claims also the power to discern the intent of those that never showed up. Did our mystical magical President go into a trance to obtain this information or did he find it written in ancient runes in the bottom of his most recent sand trap.

As he seems to understand things, the results of the election were to show him that he merely hadn't done enough. If he had gone harder left, perhaps eliminating borders completely, maybe shutting down oil wells as well as coal mines, possibly even forcing Obamacare to become a single payer plan, the election would then have gone to the Democrats.

But that is not what happened. Republicans won in a tsunami of repudiation for the massive liberal power grab under Obama. Americans love their Constitution. They don't want a President who is willing to ignore it, in a reach for personal grandeur. They have seen the socialism of the left in Europe and Asia. They know it never works. 

Capitalism and freedom are what works and we will not have it taken away from us. The election gave the Republicans a mandate. That mandate is to govern responsibly. America is a conservative country. We may cling to our guns and our Bibles but we are smart, hard working people. We are innovative and inventive. We are willing to dig in and make things work. For the most part we dislike the effete dreamers of the left who find offence in everything and live for a goal of political correctness.

What we have no tolerance for is those who are willing to bleep America for power or profit. Those that are willing to bring our country down because they think we fly to close to the sun. To leaders that bow down to other country's leaders and shrink at our international obligations. Those that fear a self sufficient America and would rather see us under the thumb of those who would destroy us. To these pathetic people we say, bleep you. 

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