Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Three Legged Stool

First of all, congratulations to the Republicans. They ran a decent race against a badly damaged President. Don't misunderstand. It is just that Republicans, generally, try to run clean races and it hurts them against people with the "win at any cost" mindset.

But they now have the three legged stool of politics. And three legged stools don't wobble. They always sit firm. They have Governors. They have Representatives. And, glory hallelujah, they have Senators. They have power.

I understand, good old Harry Reid, hat in hand and tugging on his forelock, asked to have a more collegiate Senate for the next two years. Now that is irony. The man who destroyed the Senate in reputation and function, is now Mr. cooperation.

The next two years will be both dangerous and formative for Republicans. They can now send bills that matter to the White House rather than have them die in the Senate as they have been. I think there will be little cooperation from the President. Obstructionism may just move up one level. 

When the President uses the veto pen, Republicans must, absolutely must, take their case to the people. They have to put their best image forward and make sure the American people know what is happening in Congress. 

When the President goes extra-Constitutional, they must be out there explaining what Obama is doing and why it is wrong. Their case must be made to the public directly. The press won't do their job. They are, for the most part, liberal and are not about to change.

If the Republicans do these things and bring a fresh face into the next Presidential election, they stand a chance. No more old guard. Preferably, a governor who has actually run an organization and has leadership skills.

If the Republicans do not do these things, the Democrats will vilify everything they have done and we will end up with another liberal President. That is a price our country cannot afford to pay.   

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