Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome Back, Andrew

Andrew Tahmooressi, welcome home. You have been missed. All right thinking Americans apologize to you for the ordeal that you suffered. It should never have happened. We all hope that you can get on with your life and work your way through the problems that this will undoubtedly create for you. Be strong, you are and always will be, a United States Marine. That puts you among the best of the best.

One piece of advice. Get a good agent, a good ghost writer, and a good book deal. The American people want to hear your story. I bet it will be a best seller. And if anyone ever deserved to profit from their troubles, it is you. An uncaring government left one of our own behind. 

We all wish you a great and good future life. You have earned and, I'm sure will get, the support of all Americans whatever path you take. I can just wish you good luck.

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