Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's The Melting Pot, Dude

There are no native Americans except for those we now call "Native Americans". The rest of us all came from someplace else. Generally we came in droves over a short period of time. Mostly with reason. Famine or political unrest were common reasons. 

The English, French, and the Dutch came over early to colonize. That is what the English, French, and Dutch did in those days. The Spanish and Portuguese went exploring, as they were want to do, and took the territory from South America through California. And to our historical shame, people of African descent were dragged here on British merchant ships and sold to provide cheap labor. Although the trade was stopped in 1808, the subjugation continued until 1863. And we had to fight a civil war to make it stick.

But from the time we became a country people looking for freedom and opportunity flocked to America. Early on the Germans, Poles, and Czechs helped to settle, feed, and build our country for us. Later the Irish and the Italians. They huddled together and created their own communities. Most had only their native language when they arrived. But they had the skills and talents that helped build a great nation.

Language is an awful barrier. People that cannot communicate tend not to trust. Life was harsh in those days. More harsh and rude than we can even imagine today. Over time, while the names kept their ethnic heritage the language changed. In most cases, by the third or fourth generation the mother tongue had disappeared and the accent of the grandparents had melded into the accent of the locality. The great American melting pot had worked and created people free from the burdens of their past.

Lately the polyglot nation of America has become even more polyglot. With the increase in popularity of the AK47 around the world, their seems to be an increase in popularity of passage to the United States. No one wants to live surrounded by armed crazies.

It would be nice if some of these countries could see the advantage of the American model. But, unfortunately, there are too many in the world with a Napoleonic drive for power and control. So those that line up, take their turn, and do it legally should be welcome. In the end, we will all be better for it. 

When these people come to America, they must understand, they cannot and will not change America into their home country. Most of us who live here or our ancestors before us, left behind an autocratic demanding government. We will not go back to that. We will not change our laws to your laws. We will not adopt your religion because you demand it. We will not change our manner of dress because you are shocked and offended. 

The US is a great place to live. There is plenty of everything to go around. And we share well with others. We tolerate the idiosyncrasies of others and expect the same in return. 

An Alley In Ireland

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