Friday, November 7, 2014

There Are Limits

Yes, there are limits. With countries, they are called borders. All countries have them. Almost all countries enforce them. Some violently. From both directions. You are just as likely to get shot sneaking into North Korea as out of. OK, that is the extreme. Well, there is Iran and a few others too.

The United States is ambivalent about it's borders. At least the President and his Democrat cohorts are. They seem to think no borders at all would be best. That way anybody could just walk in and go to the polls on election day and vote Democrat in thanks for their open border policy.

Most of us in the unwashed, uneducated, and unruly masses, who lean on "our God and our guns", prefer that our border laws be strictly enforced. It is not that we don't love all of mankind, it is just that we think that, with all the tax money the government spends, they could afford to run our country more like a hotel. When you arrive, you check in. When you leave, you check out.

Those with long term visas, like students and workers, need to be required to check in once a year. If they don't, they become fugitives.  Schools with foreign students must be required to report long term absence. The world is too dangerous today to not know who you, as a nation, are hosting.

Mexican President Nieto had quite a bit to say when Rick Perry shut down the Texas border. But try to cross into Mexico. Remember what happened to Andrew Tahmooressi. Eight months in jail for a mistake.

The fact is that there are people crossing our borders for bad reasons. Any reasonable thinking person knows that jihadists who are bent on doing our country harm are sneaking in from all sides. We have no idea what they are bringing with them. There are people sneaking into our country with communicable diseases like tuberculosis among others. This does not seem to bother our President at all. In fact it seem he would open the door wider.

People want to immigrate to the United States. They should be allowed to. We are still a melting pot. But there need to be firm rules. Firm, not harsh. But what we have now is loose as a goose insanity. The political power base just took a major shift. I hope we can use that power shift to regain control of our borders. After all, there are limits.

No picture yesterday because  I was running behind. I hope this colonial cottage makes up for it.

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