Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fear Me!

First, congratulations and thank you, to all veterans, today. I wish you all a happy and peaceful Veteran's Day!

Fear me! I am the mighty Obama. There is none mightier. I am the Lord of all I survey. Bow down before me or feel the pain of my wrath. I am the "Second Coming". I am the "twelfth Imam". I am the manifestation of the "Eternal Power". All things wonderful are embodied in me.

So went the theme of the unifying lunch at the White House. The all powerful Obama laid down the ground rules. "Do what you wish, as long as it fits my agenda." This will not go well.

So lets take it in steps. The Obama agenda is amateurish and ill conceived. He shoots from the hip with no conception of the results of his fiats. He listens to no one but the echos of his own mind. For some reason he finds this adequate for the man who was, and is no longer, the most powerful man on the planet.

Obama's agenda does not allow things that would make the United States increasingly self sufficient. The Keystone XL pipeline has been studied to death. It is widely recognized that pipelines are a safer way to move oil that rail transport, but no approval there. Coal mines are being shut down driving people into poverty in areas where no other work exists. Fracking and drilling are doing well in areas outside of government control. If government controlled lands were opened up, we could be free of Middle Eastern oil. 

Money wasted on a "green" agenda is just fine. Enormous solar fields built with huge government guaranteed loans, that have never produced the promised amount of energy and fry birds in flight in their focused beams, are now asking for government grants to pay off their loans. Just another Solyndra like project.

The promise of "no boots on the ground" is now, unabashedly, more boots on the ground. People are just beginning to realize what a con job Obamacare is. Those that thought they were getting something for nothing, now find they are getting nothing for a lot. Obamacare is nothing but welfare for health insurers. While the administration wants to control civilian health care, the situation at the VA keeps getting worse.

But in the face of huge Democrat losses, Obama stands defiant. He plans, with his pen and his telephone, to make five million illegals, legal. He is wrong to do this. It is illegal for him to do this. But the only way to stop him is impeachment. That will never happen.

The next two years are going to be a rough ride. But now Obama will have to do his own dirty work. He won't have his hit man, Harry Reid, to do it for him. He will have to veto Republican bills himself. No longer will he be able to bury them in the Senate without his fingerprints on the deed.

The country will survive. Probably pretty much intact, as long as we don't dive back down the liberal rabbit hole in 2016. We need some time of good old fashioned patriotism to bring back the love of country that should possess every American. There is no better time to start than now.

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