Friday, November 21, 2014

Bringing Down The House

They are not only bringing down the House, but also the Senate. Who, you may ask? It is the President of the United States and those of his party who march in lockstep with him. 

He has admitted in the past that he is not the emperor of America. He seemed to have meant it when he said it. If he really did mean it, why is he acting like a dictator now? What is so important that it would make our President flout the law and tear up the Constitution?

There are two reasons that tie together into a nice neat package from Barack Obama's point of view. First is the liberal self image and the influence of that image on their political actions. Liberals truly believe that they are smarter and more caring than the rest of us knuckle dragging neanderthals. But the problem with this mind set, as I have said before, is that they don't know that they don't know what they don't know. That may be a little to convoluted for the liberals out there, but it makes perfect sense.

But since they feel they are smarter and more caring, they also feel that they must lead. It is, in fact, their responsibility. You know, "the liberals burden". And best of all, it doesn't matter if they fail. The important thing is that they tried. The care. 

If it doesn't really matter if you fail, then you never really fail. Every attempt is, in their minds, a success. If some get hurt along the way, their sacrifice is needed to change the "system" to the ideals of liberalism. They have simple solutions to even complicated problems. Eliminate it, tax it, regulate it. But above all control it.

The second reason that Obama will flout the Constitution is that by turning six million illegals into legals, he feels he will bring an influx of new Democrat voters. He has a plan. If you believe nothing else, believe that. I do not believe anyone named Hillary is part of that plan.

If he grants amnesty now and uses his veto pen and his executive order pen for the next two years, he and the Republicans will be in constant turmoil. If he can vilify the Republicans and destroy Hillary's candidacy, he could continue Democrat control of the White House. While that would be tragic for the country, liberals care more about power than statesmanship. It is even remotely possible that he would try to continue his own presidency.

It is dangerous times. Conservatives must play heads up ball. They need to be aggressive and smart. That is the only way to keep the liberals from bringing down the house. 

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