Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gore's Revenge

Gore's revenge is akin to Montezuma's Revenge. That is, the results are very much alike. But, you may ask, why does Mr. Gore want revenge? You see, Mr. Gore wanted to be President. He felt he deserved to be President after eight year under the erratic, erotic, and embarrassing ministrations of Bill and Hillary. He thought he was elected President. And suddenly all that was taken away from him. And he wanted revenge.

With time on his hands and no real need to earn, Mr. Gore took up the cudgel that was launched from East Anglia University in England. A modeling program with a built-in flight from reality "proved" that polar ice would disappear and islands would sink into the rising ocean. Our ex Vice President saw opportunity in the new religion of "Global Warming".

At the time Mr. Gore had a mere two million dollar fortune. But he invested wisely in over a dozen green energy companies. Companies that received 2.5 billion dollars in loans, grants, and tax breaks. Mr. Gore, the wise investor, now has a net worth of around one hundred million dollars. 

To help his investments along and to double down on his revenge, in 2006 he introduced his movie/book/lecture tour called "An Inconvenient Truth". Considering the amount of money he made, it actually seems pretty convenient for him. The liberals and the press (I realize that was kind of redundant) picked up the banner and joined the parade. They loved it. A chance to increase the size of government and spend more of other peoples money.

Then in 2008 something terrible happened. It stopped getting warmer. For a while, no one noticed. Then people realized that the ocean wasn't rising, the ice caps were coming back, and the polar bear population was happy and growing. Now we are into a series of Polar Vortices. Not to let a good thing get too far out of control, they quickly changed the theme to "climate change", and never missed a beat.

Who can deny climate change? We have warming trends and we have cooling trends. That is the nature of our planet and we are not going to change that any time soon. As soon as someone tells you that the science is settled on any subject, you can be very sure you are being conned. No science is ever settled. And if you are told that by a liberal, hold on to your wallet. 

Mr. Gore, you have had your revenge. You have created panic in the "Chicken Little" set. You have made more money than Croesus. Why don't you settle down now and take up a good cause like the "Wounded Veterans Project" or the like. It would help your image and give you something to really feel good about.

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