Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stifle It!

I have been reading all of the opinions from various and sundry people who think themselves wise in the ways of politics and politicians. It has been a hoot. Some, like Charlie Rangel, are so mentally stuck in the bad old days that they still have KKK marches dancing through their heads and see Jim Crow signs at every turn. 

The ability of the human mind to find overt evidence for their most dearly held prejudices is unlimited. To the extreme unreality of one, over the hill Democrat operative, who has found steady work on TV as comic relief. He just sits there getting rudely angry acting like the Democrats actually have more power with fewer office holders.

So, I feel obliged to give my opinion as to why the Republicans were so successful. They had really good candidates who were attractive to the voters. At least the first time you run, you have to project an image of solid, pleasant, thoughtful intelligence. The Republican candidates did just that.

The Republicans avoided their old tradition of forming a "circular firing squad". None of the old guard came out ripping the newbies because they weren't the old guard. In other words, the Republicans made no stupid mistakes. And in one case, that I will leave unenumerated, they came together to help a candidate repair a serious flaw in his campaign. He won.

But the main reason that the Republican won in a wholesale slaughter is that Americans love their freedom. They cherish it above all things in the world. For the past six years, Barack Obama and his minions have done everything possible to stifle American freedom. The American people wouldn't stand for it any longer. 

Think about it. Attacks on the First Amendment. Attacks on the Second Amendment. Attacks on the Fourth Amendment. Obamacare controlling peoples healthcare options. The IRS attacking Obama's political opponents. An administration that laughs at Congress and the Freedom of Information Act. Lies about the economy.

People were fed up. They had had enough. They went to the polls and made their feeling known. We will now go through the most dangerous two years in my long lifetime. Obama's instincts are, I'm sure, to act like a trapped animal. If there are any adults left in the Democrat Party, perhaps they should visit the President and present an alternate reality to him. Two years is not that long and the American people are now paying attention.

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