Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

It was pretty obvious, right from the beginning, that Barack Obama was inexperienced, ultra-liberal, and intolerant of opposition. I will never understand why the senior Democrats, not only allowed, but supported his over reach. They could have exerted control. Even with back door support from some Republicans, if necessary. The country would have been better for it.

I do not understand why, with Islam getting more confrontational and bloody, both domestically and abroad, there continues to be so much tolerance and acceding to their demands. They are turning London and Paris into mini-third world countries. And if you believe that shariah law is not practiced in the United States, you are wrong. Just not in state courts.

I do not understand why reality shows have writers. And if some of the stunts they do are so dangerous, isn't it even more dangerous for the guy right beside them lugging a video camera?

I do not understand why, with all of the deadly serious problems that plague our country today, the Congress gets involved with the happenings in professional sports. There are venues for those problems and it isn't the Halls of Congress.

I don't understand why liberals think they are so darn smart when all of the evidence is to the contrary.

I do not understand why the management of printed media today cannot understand that it would be in their best interest to go back to hard news and investigative reporting. Selling their favorite candidates and undermining the opposition is not going well for them.

I don't understand how some can call "global warming" "settled science". No science is ever settled. And as best as I can tell, "global warming" is a computer model. That is not science. It is an estimate.

I do not understand why suddenly it is all right to attack Christianity. It has always been that Americans respected religion. We should try that again.

I don't understand why President Obama thinks that Iran will negotiate honestly. Their record says differently.

I don't understand why people are willing to burn their own neighborhood and destroy the businesses that try to serve them and call it a protest.

I, most certainly, don't understand how I ever doubted my New England Patriots.

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