Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Obama Tar Pit

I didn't sleep well last night. When I don't sleep well, I sit in my big comfy recliner and let my mind roam. I don't pick the destination. Some little thing in my sub-conscious is my personal tour guide. Last night my mind traveled out to the La Brea Tar Pits.

I have never been there, but I have read about them. It is a fascinating spot. Tar oozes up from deep inside the earth. In prehistoric times, animals would wander into the tar and get stuck. Predators would try to attack them and they would get stuck also. So over centuries millions of animals were sucked into the tar. From time to time some of these bones surface. They are removed, cleaned, and put in a museum. 

It occurred to me that this is not unlike the Obama Presidency in this election cycle. His far reaching plans and failed policies, have put him at the center of a political tar pit. As he sinks into the mire, those who have supported him seem to be sinking along with him.

So who are those that have been so unwise as to support his policies that have so harmed the poor, the middle class, and brought America low in the international scene? Well, just about every democrat out there. They have all been behind President Obama over ninety percent of the time.

Even more to the point, when the President ignored the Constitution and the laws of the nation, they stood mute. In this case, silence certainly did give consent. Were there any adults in the Democrat party that went to him and tried to explain the error of his ways? Did any of his group try to stop the release of five "mad dog" Islamists for one possible traitor? In spite of the fact that such a trade was illegal? The answer is no to all.

Some, like Mary Landrieu, try to pick up a verbal shovel and dig their way out of Obama tar. You can't do that. As Sen. Landrieu found out, digging just makes your personal hole in the tar a little deeper.

The thing that worries me is based on some conversations that I have had lately. There are way too many people out there that are scarily uninformed. All that they see is their six o'clock local news and they are satisfied. Since my wife and I are news junkies we lose sight of the habits of normal people. I just hope that enough of those who go to the polls will be informed enough to keep all the rest of us out of the tar pit.

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