Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Five

It is a poor man who cannot organize his circumstances to his own advantage. Never let your circumstances control you.

Free at last, free at last! Holder is resigning. He will probably move to a country with no extradition treaty. If we should end up with an AG that is more focused on crime than race Holder could be in some jeopardy. Now, maybe, America can start a comeback. I know, we need more changes. But this is a first step. 

With what we have gone through in the last six years, the Democrats can't find a better candidate than Hillary? I find that a little scary.

I wish Barack Obama cared as much about Americans as he does about Muslims and Islam. He should have run for President of Iraq when the job was open.

I'm still waiting for news video of Saudi soldiers charging a machine gun nest. Methinks I'll be waiting long years for that video.

Please, Mr. Obama sir, may we have our Keystone XL pipeline now?

What was that big parade in New York? The annual convention of a reborn "No-Nothing Party"?

Please, Mr. Obama sir, may we have our Marine hero back from Mexico.

I thought that was cute. That remark that our, oh so modest, President made. That he never notices any traffic jams. Here's news. Everyone else around his little sorties does. In spades!

Now we have a beheading in Oklahoma. Rumor has it that all Presbyterians and Methodists have been cleared of suspicion. They are, however, still looking at Baptists. 

Barack Obama has made himself a marginal President. Most people have had it with his disingenuousness, his self aggrandizement, and his loudly trumpeted solutions, that never seem to work. But somehow about forty percent of the people still support him. It must be party loyalty. I wish they would discover loyalty to America.

Sometimes things are a little hard to understand. So a convert to Islam, beheads a woman who would not convert. Coincidentally, it happens where she works and he no longer does. He shouts Allahu Akbar. He has praises for Allah tatooed on his body. When the police hold a press conference, Muslims in the audience shout Allahu Akbar. Then the police try to call it workplace violence. 

Where did Fibonacci find the first 1? Just asking.

A Note to young Muslims: Do you really believe that if you sacrifice yourself in the name of Islam you will immediately be transported to Paradise with fifty-seven sloe eyed virgins to care for your every desire? Have you noticed that you are told this by old men? If it is true, why have these old men not sacrificed themselves for the glory of Islam? Makes you think, don't it?

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