Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paranoia Won't Destroy Ya

In spite of the words of those famous British philosophers, the "Kinks", paranoia won't destroy ya. It fact in today's world it may keep you safe and alive. If you aren't a little bit paranoid in these days you are just not paying attention.

Just look at what is going on in the world. From neighborhood to nation, we are surrounded by people who wish nothing more than to do harm to anyone they perceive as different from themselves. In most cases they don't even care who. As long as it is a smaller weaker person. Or they have a gang and the victims don't. Or their army is going up against a smaller, weaker, poorly led army. We are reaching new heights of "man's inhumanity to man".

I preach constantly about "situational awareness". People alone or in couples have to be aware of what is going on all around them at all times. Be judgmental. Don't worry about being politically correct or being accused of discrimination. It is your safety and possibly your life we are discussing. Just do your best to avoid situations or people that make you uncomfortable. Don't worry about peoples feelings. Worry about your own safety.

I see too many videos, on line, of young mobs just grabbing people on the street and beating them severely. Sometimes to the point of death. I see parents encouraging their monstrous little creations to fight on the street. And if their little criminal starts to lose, they chip in and give a helping hand. I have never seen so much hate and acting out as there is today. 

On a national and international level, we expect our government to supply the situational awareness. Either they are making a botch of the whole job and not seeing even the obvious, or they see the politics as so important to their private little empires that they think of us all as their personal sacrificial lambs.

Our southern border is a sieve. If you think that terrorists are not aware of that and coming into the country, you are in for an ugly surprise. There are over two dozen Islamist training camps currently operating in the US. There is little said about that. It appears that ISIS, you know, that charming group of beheaders, are now operating in Juarez, Mexico and into the state of Texas.

As I have said, "It is a dangerous world in which we live". What out for yourself and those close to you. A little paranoia in these times is a good thing.

Bunker Hill Monument

I thought this picture might remind the American people that we are not a bunch of pushovers. This country was founded in blood and courage.

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