Monday, September 1, 2014

No Strategy. Really?

If my young bride and I, hop in the car to take a vacation and we are going to just hit the road, stop when we want to stop, and see what we want to see, we may not have a plan, but we have a strategy. If you arrive at a pond to go fishing before sunrise so that you can have bait in the water as the sun comes up, you have a strategy. Whenever you need to accomplish something, you start with a strategy. From there you can develop a plan.

Every branch of the military, the intelligence branches, probably even the FBI and the NYPD have very smart, very educated people that game different threat scenarios every day. They work these games with some playing the enemy and some the good guys. They study those that threaten us. Then they live their lives looking for the weak spots in our defense. They have strategies. And probably very effective ones.

When President Obama says "we do not yet have a strategy", he means that we haven't presented him with one he dares use. Being a completely political animal, our President is risk averse. When he looks at a strategy that could blow up in his face with no way to shed any blame, he sees that as a bad strategy. Even if it is the surest way to deal with the threat, it will go into the scrap heap.

The first and most important phase of any plan or strategy is that the Presidents back end must be covered. Safest is best even if it is least effective. 

It is obvious to any American that we should be controlling our borders. But our President doesn't want to irritate the Hispanic community because they tend to vote Democrat. So the border leaks like a sieve. Gangsters and terrorists and people carrying diseases can come through with impunity. This will eventually cause great harm. But, with the help of the press, Obama will be shielded. 

We could be energy independent. We need to be energy independent. But our President will not let that happen. He seems to want us to remain beholden to OPEC and the Muslim princes of the Middle East. But no one ever calls him out on this. 

Once again I say, we have a weak and unskilled man in the Oval Office at a time when we need strength. We have a Congress that has rolled belly up in subservience. We have serious problems that must be addressed. And soon.

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