Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Intelligence Erosion

Remember, first time Presidential candidate, Barack Obama? Standing alone in front of those majestic Doric columns. Tall. Slim. Immaculately dressed. His speech was an exercise in majestic oratory. His words floated like doves and landed on the ear with the impact of a prize fighters fist. His audience hardly dared breath for fear that they might miss even one word. We were told by the adoring media that this man was the smartest man that ever lived. At the very least, if elected, he would be the smartest President that the country has seen.

After his election, we were assured by the doting media of his enormous intelligence. Where others simpler minds might see two sides to a question, our glorious President saw five or six or maybe even more options. These highly nuanced solutions required time for our stately President to ponder. So ponder he did. He pondered and pondered and pondered. Unfortunately, before he finished pondering other questions of importance arose that needed Presidential pondering.

We have been blessed with some extremely smart men who were willing to carry the heavy load of running our country. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln. Even some slightly lesser lights like Munroe, both Roosevelts, Eisenhower were men of great intellectual capacity. But the experts at MSNBC and CNN assured us that none of them were fit to polish Obama's clubs.

Now a President's duties more than fill his time. With speeches, fund raisers, White House galas, vacations, and golf. This forces a President to rely on others for the small tasks. So when our toiling President decided it was time for Obamacare, he tossed the ball to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. With their experience and his oversight, what could go  wrong?

But time is cruel. It takes away the brightness of the eye and the quickness of the reflexes. We lose the color of our hair and the straightness of our spine. Both our bodies and minds erode. Some fast. Some slow. But it comes to us all.

So it is with a heavy heart that I must chronicle the erosion in our own "Dear Leader". Signs appeared almost immediately. Small signs at first. There were hints of indecisiveness. His speeches never again achieved the level of that day in Germany. When he spoke informally he would stumble and hesitate. Almost as if the words in his speeches were not his own. His hair has grayed and his shoulder seem to sag a bit. He has become lax in his clothing choices. 

When a highly public figure declines so far so fast, one has to ask," was he what we thought he was?" Did we buy the silk purse, and find ourselves with the proverbial sow's ear. Or perhaps another product that I have lately seen purses made from. It is possible. We seem to have inherited a lot of male bovine product lately. Why not that. 

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