Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There Ought To Be A Law!!!!

We already have far more laws than we need. We have far more laws than makes any kind of sense. We, as a country, would be far better off if we eliminated more than half of them. But every once in a while something arises that requires a new law.

One problem is that people, either do not understand, or choose to ignore the Bill of Rights. In this case, more particularly, the First Amendment. You remember that one, don't you? Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. Really the root stalk of all of our other freedoms. 

I am writing specifically about flying the American Flag. There is, as any Boy Scout can tell you, a Code of Flag Etiquette. When, where, and how it is proper to fly our flag.  This must be honored. But, beyond this, no one should ever be obstructed from flying Old Glory. Never.

There have been way too many incidents lately. There are two great examples of mindless conformance to arbitrary rules by mindless bureaucrats, where flying the flag has been banned. A South Carolina school principal forced students to remove American Flags from their vehicles because they have a rule about calling excess attention to themselves. What does that even  mean? High school boys calling attention to themselves? I'm aghast! But really, it seems to me more like they were calling attention to America and their feeling for their country. It didn't disrupt classes and should have been left alone. There ought to be a law.

The other incident involves a Connecticut condominium. One family, patriotically, flew the Stars and Stripes in front of there unit. This apparently caused the members of the board to get their knicker all in a twist, which caused paroxysms and shortness of breath. Rumor has it that they all had to take to their respective fainting couches. "We must have uniformity", they spoke as one. What is the great bloody value in uniformity. I lived in a condo for fourteen years. I flew an American Flag on the side of my garage door. I liked it. It made me and my family feel good. And the lack of uniformity harmed no one.

In my conservatively bent mind, this falls under Freedom of Speech. Apparently there are some that find that type of speech harmful to their peace of mind. So I'm just giving them a piece of my mind. There ought to be a law!  

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  1. Any change in policy or additional security must be weighed against the need to keep the White House accessible to employees and visitors, as well as preserving the constitutional rights of those who gather beyond the fence in front to protest, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

    "Right outside the front gate of the White House is Lafayette Park, which is among the more prominent First Amendment zones in the country," Earnest said Monday.

    First Amendment zones? You have to be kidding!