Friday, September 12, 2014

Thin Gruel

I am not a supporter of Barack Obama. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. His policies are too far to the left. I don't care for his view of the Constitution. I don't like that he constantly says one thing and does another. When he was elected, I wished him well and hoped for a successful Presidency. If the President succeeds, the country succeeds.

I listened to his speech last night. I wish him well with this venture. But, while I was hoping for a nice rich meat and potatoes speech, what I feel that I got was no more than a thin gruel. Just not much to sink my teeth into.

The speech was delivered by an Obama-bot. This robotic substitute, looked like the President, sounded like the President, but there was no life, no passion to the speech. It was delivered mechanically as if being read from a tele-prompter by a man who had been backed into a corner and was being forced to go against his very nature.

The speech started with the mandatory, "We killed Bin Laden and destroyed core Al Qaeda." What relevance that has today, I cannot fathom. I suppose someone that is unsure may want to prop up his manly credentials. The fact is, he didn't kill Bin Laden. He sat quite safe in the Situation Room watching others, far more qualified, do the heavy lifting and front the real danger.

I found it concerning that the President cannot name the enemy. The enemy is Islamic extremism, no matter what they adopt as a trade name. But our President says that "the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria", (Obama insist on Iraq and the Levant) is not Muslim. They pray to Allah. They accept Mohammad as Allah's prophet. They accept the Quran and the Hadith as their holy books. That sounds Islamic to me. Maybe not the Islam that Obama holds so dear, but Islam none the less.

The President says he has a coalition. Who? Probably England and France. They will undoubtedly join us in the bombing. But who will put boots on the ground? The Iraq army has no choice. The Kurds are willing fighters. The Saudis? They never fight. They hire people, usually us, to do their fighting for them. The Arab League? Remember how much help they were in Libya. Not much. The Free Syrian Army? Obama labeled them " a bunch of farmers, doctors, and pharmacists" two months ago. Now they're his boots on the ground?

The President say we will defeat ISIS with planned bombing attacks, proudly stating that we have had over 150 attacks in the past month. Five a day? That hardly seems adequate. Maybe 150 a day would be better. And maybe some A10s and Apaches taking out those fine American tanks and troop carriers they captured.

I really hope this campaign succeeds. The proof will be in the destruction of ISIS or failure of Obama's coalition. These mad dogs need to be gone. The world does not need people like them armed and loose. But whatever happens, this is just a battle in a long war. This war has been going on for over a thousand years. One group goes down, another group appears. Dig in, it will not be over soon.


  1. Finally someone who says what they mean and means what they say! Most articles I've read regarding this (and any other subject involving current events) have been nothing but idiots playing the blame game over Obama vs Bush and competing to see who can use the biggest words.and correcting each others grammar. Its nice to see someone who has actual opinions and knows how to defend them using actual words!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will be a regular at my little effort.