Monday, September 22, 2014

Stop Right Now!

Enough. It is time to stop the silliness. We are under threat. If you don't see it or understand it, you are either a fool or a tool. There are those out there that would love to sing you lullabies. All is good. Have no fear. We have it all under control.

They are lying to you. They do not even come close to having it under control. To them, under control means changing the semantics so that you will believe the latest edition of "Political Correct Bull Daily".

"We see no overt threats to the United State." "ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States". ISIS has nothing to do with Islam." "We are forming a forty nation coalition to expel ISIS."

If you believe that and most anything else that the administration is telling you lately, your boat has sailed and you weren't on it. Remember the old song "Turn Turn Turn". The new version is Spin Spin Spin. If you believe what is coming out of Washington, you are getting spun. Big time.

Sheriffs who have actual first hand knowledge of border activity tell us that our porous border is a highway for aliens from Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. These people are not here to make friends.

There are at least two dozen Al Qaeda training camps in the United States. It has been reported that forty ISIS members recently entered the country adding to the ten previously reported. Add this to our own special variety of home grown violent nut cases, and have a big problem in the making. 

I am not saying that people should be fearful and panicky. But be alert, awake, and aware. If your Spidey senses start tingling. Get thyself elsewhere. Report suspicious behavior or suspicious packages. Common sense and situational awareness goes a long way in keeping people safe. I just hope that soon the government will realize that the American people want and need honest information. Not a bunch of clowns covering their silly political butts. So stop right now.

And a late note: I just watched Greta Van Sustren's investigation on ISIS. I learned much that I did not know and I recommend it to all. One thing that I learned is that by not listening to military experts and making decisions on his own, Obama has put himself in, way over his head.

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