Monday, September 15, 2014

Freedom From Atheist Lawyers, Please

The latest bit of legal stupidity created by an atheist attorney by the name of Louis Nisenbaum was perpetrated on the Arkansas State University football team. The team, to commemorate two teammates tragically lost, put small cross decals on the back of their helmets. The crosses are so small as to be hardly noticeable. 

But it seems that attorney Nisenbaum has a very low degree of tolerance for things religious and felt it was his duty to "reach out" to the schools attorney, one Lucinda McDaniel. It seems that Ms. McDaniel didn't feel it was important to stand up for the Constitutional rights of her team and caved in the face of Mr. Nisenbaum's onslaught.

Now I have before me a copy of the First Amendment. The very first item in the Bill of Rights. The founding fathers thought it important enough to be number one. It says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;". If there can be no law against the free exercise of religion than there is no right to ban the free exercise of religion.

And I will say again, what others have said many times before. We guarantee freedom of religion not freedom from religion. If Mr. Nisenbaum is so offended by those little crosses commemorating lost friends that he quivers and quakes and is driven to tears, he has to but look away. He can punish their vile religiosity by not purchasing a ticket to their game.

And I wish that attorneys, like Ms. McDaniel, would grow a spine when faced with a threat by these religion haters. They get their way because they are allowed to get their way. They are bullies with LLDs. Bullies get defeated by people standing up to them. There are more of us than there are of them. People that have a religious nature should stop giving their legal business to these bullies. Boycott them. They don't deserve us.

The United States is a country of religious people. We do not have to "hide our lamp under a bushel". We have a right to normal religious expression. We have let the naysayers rule. This is wrong. We must change the rules back or lose our rights forever. "Onward Christian Soldiers". 

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