Monday, September 8, 2014

The Tree of Liberty

Sometimes the shade cast by the tree of liberty leaves some people out in the blazing sun. This morning I experienced an example of this. On background, because of some difficulties, it requires both my wife and I to do the food shopping. To get around the store I use an electric cart. I ride around and deal with some of the things that are difficult for my wife to deal with.

My riding tours of the supermarket allow me some time to people watch. The broad scope of ethnicities definitely broadens my horizons and introduces me to foods that I never new in my WASP upbringing.

But back to this morning. It is early in September, summer has finally arrived in our town. It was hot, and it was humid. About ten points beyond uncomfortable. There was a woman in the store of indeterminate age. Not very old but way beyond young. She was swaddled in layers of colorless clothing, and was wearing a black hajib. Obviously a woman of the Muslim faith. She was alone doing her food shopping.

I realized that I had seen this woman before. The Muslim garb is unusual in our area and very noticeable. I had seen her walking from her home to the shopping area and back from time to time over past months. 

Thinking about it later, I realized that she had walked, in the heat, in heavy dark colored clothing, from her home to the store. After she purchased her groceries she reversed her trip carrying her load in her hands.

If one stopped her and asked, I am sure that she would explain that she was just being a good obedient Muslim wife. If I asked my wife to be obedient, I would be ducking a fast moving rolling pin. That woman, in my mind, is not shaded by the tree of liberty. She may not be a slave, but that sure sounds like indentured servitude to me. 

My wife and I often discuss what is happening in the Middle East. Now, my wife is a wise woman. I have said for all of our married life, over fifty-five years, she understands people in a way I am not able.

She has said to me that the problems in the Middle East will never be solved until the women get angry enough to rise up against the men and take control. I truly hope that those women will one day find a path to the tree of liberty's shade. I hope they can find their justifiable anger. I hope they can channel it into a women's rebellion and set themselves free. The Middle East will be greatly improved.

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