Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Four

It does my heart good to see the truth about Benghazi, slowly but surely, surface. Now it is being told that State Department employees were assigned to sanitize the documentation to protect the bosses. If they realize that they are subject to criminal charges and jail for their efforts, maybe they will come forward with more. You see Hillary, it does matter.

You do realize that by President Obama referring to ISIS as ISIL, he is showing respect and elevating them to a status that they have not achieved. And I hope they never do because to take the Levant, they would have to take Israel. 

Ice thickness in the Arctic set a new high. Will someone please alert Al Gore?

It was super to see the Patriots come back with a great second game of the season win after their pathetic loss in game one. After this year's Red Sox season, I can't take a bad Patriots season.

I have been around for 75 years and I have read some history. I do not think this country has been as screwed up as it is today since, maybe, the era of the War of 1812. And I'm only giving that a, maybe.

You know who, said "by every metric, the country is doing better financially, than since the Great Depression". 46,000,000 Americans on food stamps. Middle class income down 23%. The Participation Rate, those working, is the lowest since the Carter years. Is, you know who, lying or confused. Either one is a bad thing for someone in, you know who's, position.

Election coming up soon and "it's still the economy, stupid".

God, I will be glad when, you know who, goes back to whoville.

The way the government seems to mess up anything and everything they touch, I wonder if it was the epitome of wisdom to bring ebola patients back into the country.

I know it is important to have rules to protect professional football players. It is a rough game played by rough people. But it just strikes me that some of these rules are turning it into patty-cake. That said, I like rules that protect girl friends and family members from physical violence at the hands of big, overly privileged, gazillioneers. Average folks do not realize just how strong these guys are. They can do some serious damage.

Can we please have the Keystone XL pipeline now?

When are some of these IRS criminals going to jail? It won't be too long before we get a new Attorney General. And the Statute of Limitations won't be up. I hope this time we get one that is more interested in crime than race.

Is anybody but me offended by the Verizon commercial where a man is complaining that he has to spend a day with his kids at an organized outing rather than watching some football game? I love football but my kids come first every time. There will always be another football game.

The President is sending 3,000 American troops to Liberia to fight ebola. So for his own glorification he is exposing Americans to a deadly disease to do a job they aren't trained for. Men that are needed to fight terrorism are being endangered and their skills wasted for the Obama agenda.

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